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There were a bunch of unpublished songs locked in John Dough drawer. Although they all came from his head those songs didn't fit The Chords's repertory, group which he started and still has along with John Smith and Jane Dough since 1998. The moment was to lock himself for three months at Star Studios. There, without his bandmates, he looked inside and came up with what would be his first solo album: Letters. Thirteen intimate emotional tracks.


There was a number of unpublished songs locked in John Dough's drawer. Although they were lodged in his head, they didn't fit the repertory of The Chords. (The band John started with Joe Smith and Jane Dough in 1998.) It was time for a three-month lockdown at Star Studios. There, without his bandmates and after some internal work, he came up with his first solo album, Letters—thirteen intimate, emotional tracks.


The Chords' founder, John Dough, realised that some of his most intimate songs did not fit the band's usual tone. The songs multiplied and, in 2010, it was time for a creative lockdown at Star Studios. There, John turned his personal 'song drawer' into the thirteen emotional tracks of his first solo album, Letters

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